Friday, May 15, 2009

I am just kidding myself

I guess I am just kidding myself if I think I am going to lose weight with my habits right now. I didn't exercise yesterday and I only exercised for 15 minutes on Wednesday. I really need to get my but in gear.

I didn't post last night because I had a bunch of errands to run and I didn't get home until almost 9 p.m. By that time Grey's Anatomy was on.
I am going to have to make this quick this morning too. I leave for Seattle tonight for a girls weekend/wedding. I am super pumped. But I have sooo much stuff to do to get ready. I may post around lunch time, but that will be it until Sunday night.
Breakfast: Two slices of homemade whole wheat bread with cream cheese and turkey. I was still hungry so I ate an orange too.
Two cups of coffee with 1/4 cup of vanilla soy milk and three packs of Truvia.

Lunch: Subway Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Salad with a serving of Sun Chips (I like that they're multi-grain). I also had a banana after lunch at work and half a serving of corn chips.

Dinner: BBQ Chicken kabob and shrimp kabob with green beans and sweet corn on the cob,

My husband was eating baked Cheddar Ruffles, so I had a serving. Then I had a glass of chocolate milk (to fulfill my dairy intake). I was really full after all that, but did I stop eating? No, I also had two chocolate caramel cups, a piece of rosemary bread with cream cheese (that I bought when I went grocery shopping), about 5 pecans, a tbsp of craisins and another big orange.

I felt really guilty afterwards. I was so full after I drank the chocolate milk, and I was still full after I ate all that other junk too. That's why I feel like I am just kidding myself. I need to get serious.

P.S. I decided that I am going to use the Nikon D60 as much as possible. The pictures look terrible with my camera phone. Compare dinner to the rest of the pictures. Yuck!

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  1. Love the blogs and the food pictures. Thanks for sharing!!