Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A day of firsts

So I had a first yesterday! I was 25 for the very first time in my life. :P It was a good birthday, despite the fact that I had to work. I won $20 in scratch-offs, had a beautiful birthday bouquet waiting for me from my hubby when I came home for lunch, and I ate a huge b-day brownie after dinner!

For the last couple of months, I have been trying really hard to get serious about exercise. I've tried to exercise in the morning, in the evening, I've tried running, walking at a 10 percent incline, and I've tried P90X (an intense workout system by Tony Horton). I haven't really been able to stick to a plan.

I despise plans, because I feel like I have to do them every single day, without fault! That's my inner perfectionist. I start a program, then I miss a day and I never go back to it again, because I failed to be perfect.

Okay, off of my little soap box. My point is, I decided to give myself the gift of health yesterday. I put myself on another program. Couch to 5K program. Its only 3 days a week for a 1/2 hour. If I can stick to it I'll be running 3 miles in 9 weeks. Two summers ago, I easily ran for an hour a day (not sure the millage). It seems like if I have a goal with my exercising, other than weight loss, maybe I will accomplish something.

On the other days, when I am not running, I'll be doing strength training (P90X arms, shoulders, legs and back). We'll see how it goes.

I am going to start weighing in weekly too. :( I might as well be accountable. Today I weighed in at 172.8. Keep in mind that I should be down even more in the next day or two. I bloat up for about 2 and 1/2 weeks of my cycle. It's frustrating. But seriously three days ago I was at 176 and I had been at that weight since the middle of April. At the beggining of April I was at 169.8! It's like that every month.

Today's exercise will be arms and shoulders. Wish me luck. :D

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