Monday, May 4, 2009

25th Birthday Reflections

So here I sit at work on my 25th Birthday. I’m not complaining. Not really. I just find myself looking back on the good old birthdays: swim parties, sleepovers, getting excited about a new Barbie. You know, those kinds of Birthdays.

Last night I had this crazy overwhelming feeling of melancholy. I felt like the last year of my youth was being sucked out of me. I’m only 25, you’re probably thinking “drama queen” right? Well I agree. The whole day I felt I hadn’t accomplished anything since high school. I felt as though I had been living a life of mediocrity.

Then I remembered why I felt that way: I am a struggling perfectionist on my way to Ex-Perfectionism! I may not be a famous author, or a CEO of a big company. Those are worldly accomplishments – the world’s idea of perfection.

Here is what I have accomplished:

-I have a cool husband
-I graduated from college with a BS in English-Journalism
-I have kept in touch with two amazing/beautiful friends who are now more like sisters!
-I am a pretty good cook
-I’ve traveled to Niagara Falls, Mexico, the Grand Canyon and other places in between
-I have a big 4 bedroom house
-I have a dog.
-I’ve been published in three different publications/magazines and have another article coming out in August
-I am the Managing Editor of Rethink Monthly Magazine
-I lead worship for our Youth Group (I could not have done this in high school)

Here is what I hope to accomplish in the 26th year of my life (I’m 25 now which means I am going into my 26th year, in case there is any confusion). I want to:

-Sing karaoke with my best friend, Michelle
-Re decorate my bathroom
-Lose at least 10 pounds
-Smile more
-Publish a few more articles

That’s it, nothing fancy. I don’t want to be a millionaire, or a supermodel. I just want to learn to love myself where I am.
Edited to note: I did not write this blog at work, though I did take a snap shot of myself. :)

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