Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dos and Don'ts of Detox: Day 3

Day number 3: Cut out all starchy fruits and veggies and eat lots of greens.

I am sorry for not posting yesterday. It's not like I didn't have time or anything, I was/am so sick. On my last post a friend commented and asked me how my gallbladder was feeling in light of the detox. It hurt very badly yesterday. So much so that I had to leave work. On top of that I developed this head cold (thanks hubby!) and my ears hurt, my head hurts, it hurts when I cough and yeah, it hurts. I also had a slight fever and the worst chills. I probably could have dealt with either the cold or the gallbladder pain, but it was just too much for me.

Recap of what I ate: a sweet spinach smoothie; half of an herb/spinach salad with mushrooms, tomatoes, lemon juice and flaxseed (I had to throw the rest away, I just couldn't force myself to eat it); half of an orange; I may of had a glass of apple juice, but I don't remember; I for sure had a glass of orange juice; flaxseed tea (helps with a gallbladder attack; an apple cooked down with cinnamon; a Watermelon Lime Naked juice; and finally 2 cups of gluten free cereal with about 3/4 cup of plain almond milk.

Do #1: Do listen to your body while on your detox. I was very reluctant to have the flaxseed on my salad and the flaxseed tea, but my gallbladder hurt so badly and flax is one of those foods that are good for the gallbladder.

Also, I wasn't supposed to have the cereal until this morning. However, I got to thinking about the way our gallbladders function. A non fat diet can really freak your gallbladder out. That's why I went ahead and had the cereal, the almond milk has about 2 grams of the good fat per serving. I kid you not, my gallbladder almost instantly started feeling better. Which is weird, 'cause I was having a flare up before I even started my detox. Perhaps eating no fat on top of having a flare up just caused it to go into two extremes.

Don't #1: Don't push yourself. It kind of goes hand in hand with the first one. I really didn't want to eat the flaxseed or the cereal, but I just felt so ill, I finally had to. Listen to your body. You'll know what you need.

Well, despite the fact that I had the flaxseed and the cereal, I've still lost 5 POUNDS! Of water weight, of course. I kid you not, I got on the scale today and it said 170.2. Yesterday the scale said 172.9 and when I first started, I was fluctuating between 175 and 174. :D I am tempted to keep doing the detox until I go to Disneyland (two weeks from today --woot!), but I know that holding it out any longer would not be a good thing.

Oh and, no I did not exercise yesterday. I am going to push myself to do it today though.

Blessings all,

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