Thursday, July 23, 2009

Awesome Organic Food Coupons

Hi all, I just wanted to leave you with some awesome finds before I head out for my crazy weekend with my friends and family!


Kashi: Save $1.50 on any TLC® snack when you buy a box of Kashi.

Such a good deal! Safeway has the TLC crackers for sale for $2.50, plus pair that with the coupon and their double manufacture's coupon (up to .50) that's .50 for a box of Kashi crackers! Plus I think their cereal is on sale too. Good find.

Organic Valley (Dairy products): $1 coupons for several of their products. Milk, cheese, sour cream, soy milk, etc.

I never go to the store without printing off one of these babies. Organic milk is just too pricey.

Seeds of Change: $1 off their organic sauces.

Seeds of Change is hard to find in my area, but I love their frozen entrees.

Recipe Find:

I stumbled accross a blog, Then You Stand and she posted yesterday about a homemade Lara Bar recipe at

I am so excited to try this. If you've been reading my blogs you know I rarely buy packaged foods, as it is just too costly. But with great coupons and recipes like these, who needs to buy them at full price (or buy them at all for that matter). :)

Enjoy a fantabulous weekend all.




  1. wow kashi is my favorite ever! thanks so much for posting that coupon :)

  2. I am glad to share it! I plan on getting mine this week. :)