Monday, May 17, 2010

Counting down to the Re-Launch!

A little over a month ago my blog entered modus hiatus (aka I stopped blogging). Because I'm not perfect, I realized I needed a break -- a time of re-evaluation if you will. Also, in a moment of insanity, my fellow coworker, foodie and bloggin' buddy and I signed up to take an Abnormal Psychology class. We were out of our minds. Perhaps, our psyche was in a state of abnormality?

Anyway, for the last month I've been plotting the re-launch of my blog (this is not it). I've got ideas people. I've got direction. But until the monumental re-launch takes place, I'd like to revisit this past year. A year in review if you will. Today, I want to go over last years goal, and tomorrow I'll begin the "Best of" series. Are you totally psyched?

Goals for the 25th Year of My Life

On my 25th birthday last year (May 4, 2009), I set some goals for myself. Below are the goals I set and... what I really accomplished.

-Sing karaoke with my best friend, Michelle Check! Seattle girl's trip of 2009 (Note the date in that picture is wrong. Stupid timer).

-Re decorate my bathroom.

Not check. But I bought a new house and have so far put up a new ceiling, painted the living room and bedroom and now the exterior is being done. Does that count?

-Lose at least 10 pounds.

Not check. But I trained for and ran a 5k. Below is my first race SWAG.

-Smile more. Totally check. My new coworkers make me laugh on a daily basis.

-Publish a few more articles. Kind of check. I published my first full feature article in Just Between Us Magazine. Check out Is Chick Lit Hurting your Marriage? But I haven't really done anything since.

26th Birthday Goals

-Train for a 10k
-Study for and pass the test to be a Certified Group Exercise Teacher
-Increase my Yoga practice for entrance into Yoga Teacher training
-Plan my meals and my days
-Stay connected with friends and family
-Write and publish a couple more articles
-Come out of the blogging closet (yes, only a select few of my friends and family know I'm a blogger)

I feel like those are reasonable goals. That's it folks. This is me. Take me or leave me.

Tomorrow's blog: The Best of Sandwiches. I'll be revisiting the best sandwiches I made since this blog's conception.

See you tomorrow. Kiss Kiss!


  1. Why yes, yes we were out of out minds, but that is over now so here is to the relaunch of two fabulous foodie blogs. cheers!

  2. wow congrats on getting a new house!

  3. Our blog relaunch will be Legen - wait for it - dary!

  4. Great job with your accomplishments, especially running the 5K! Sounds like you have some great goals for the upcoming year as well. Regarding the article publishing, are you a budding freelance writer?

  5. Katie, thank you for visiting my blog. I guess you could say I am a budding freelance writer. My B.S. is in Journalism. I really should add to my goals something about writing. :) Wtih the new house, new job and all the other new things in my life, I haven't put much effort into writting. One reason I want to get licensed to do group exercsise and become a registered yoga teacher is so that I have a niche for my writing! Thanks again for visiting.