Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wednesday Weigh-In

Last week: 171

This week: 171.2

I'm actually pleased with this, as I have not exercised in about 7 days (maybe longer). My heals were hurting so badly due to shoes without support.

I now have new shoes, my feet feel %100 and I hope to get back on that saddle and ride, Sally, ride!

Sweet Dreams

Yeah, I wish. I haven't been sleeping very well lately. I think it's one part home buying process and one part lack of exercise.

Our home search is going so/so, though I feel the Lord's blessings in so many different ways it's hard to express. The hubby and I have a lot of competition, but I am confident God will bless us, whether we stay where we are, rent an apartment or buy a home. No matter what, we'll be fine. :)

New blog format

I am working on a different format to how and when I blog. I'm thinking 3 days a week, with set themes for different days.

Mondays: Meal Planning

Wednesdays: Weigh in/health update

Fridays: Food! (Food finds, interesting recipes, good eats, resturant reviews, etc.)

What do you think? I love to blog 'cause it keeps me accountable, but I don't want it to consume my life. :)

In store for Friday's blog:

I'm hoping to do a review on a new product from Kashi, I received a free sample and a coupon for a free box of their new cereal and I want to spread the word.

*loves and hugs*

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  1. I like the ideas you have for your blog. I so know what you mean, I love my blog, but it can get a bit "consuming"... Three days a week sounds great, and the topics sound great.

    Glad you got new shoes! Good shoes are so important; I learned the hard way a few years ago...

    Good luck with the house hunt! :)