Monday, August 17, 2009

Why I'm never home on the weekends...

So, I meant to upload photos of my weekend first and then pictures of what I accomplished yesterday, but because blogger is acting weird, I'll start with yesterday and go backwards. LOL

Because I start my new job today, I did some preparations yesterday in order to make my week go by a little more smoothly.

First, I made a fruit tray. My husband is always telling me that if he could see the fruit, he'd eat it. So, I am taking my chances of the fruit possibly going bad...
I also prepared and planned a weeks worth of dinners. On the menu:
  • Monday: Enchiladas
  • Tuesday: BBQ with all my new coworkers
  • Wednesday: Chicken salads
  • Thursday: Whole Lemon/Citrus Chicken
  • Friday: Chicken Quesadillas
  • Saturday: Soup and Sandwiches

To prepare, I cooked two chicken breasts and chopped them up for easy chicken salads and chicken quesadillas.

Because my meat is all cooked, all I have to do the night before for the salads is chop the lettuce, tomatoes and carrots, and shred the cheese. For the quessadillas, I'll just shred the cheese the night before.

I also cooked some ground beef for Josh's enchiladas and for other beef dishes later in the month.
I forgot to take a picture of my enchilada stuffings, but it included rice, pinto beans and a little ground turkey. I actually made Josh enough enchiladas for two meals (lunch and dinner) and for me enough for dinner and two lunches.
My whole lemon citrus chicken dinner will just be thrown into the crock pot the night before.
Oh and I also made homemade granola...
On to why I'm never home for the weekends
I'm never home, 'cause I have more fun elsewhere!
This weekend, Brittany invited Michelle and I over for a Bed and Breakfast (at her home). We actually stayed two nights. I didn't take too many photos. I just forgot. Plus all I had was my phone and the pictures are not the best.
The first night Brittany prepared for us a whole bunch of assorted goodies. She made stuffed mushrooms, prepared humus, bean salsa, spinach dip, fruit, veggies, etc.
Breakfast the first morning was homemade pumpkin bread, spiced peaches and vegan bacon.
After chatting over coffee, we then ventured to Ashland, and had lunch at the Greenleaf. Britt and Michelle got salads.
And I got a pita pizza, which I meant to upload, but forgot to. It's too much hassle to load it now. Sorry. The pizza was so delicate and light. It was just enough to hold me over until...
We made our way to Rising Sun Farms, where we sampled about 15 different Cheese Tortettes. I bought a small sample one...
OMGoodness, talk about delish!

We also went to Eden Valley Orchards. I had a sip or two of complimentary wines, but gave the rest to Michelle. I'm just not that in to wine. Though, I still had a blast!
The view was beautiful. And check out these flowers...
After visiting the different creameries and wineries, we went to Jacksonville for dinner.
Isn't that sign cute. I had to take a know since Brittany is Britt. LOL This is actually for the Britt Festival in Jacksonville.
We ate at a Mexican restaurant for dinner. My meal seriously cost $3.45 and I got stuffed. I had a side taco and a side of rice. Amazing.
Brittany bought some organic chocolate, so I had a piece. Mmmm chocolate.
Breakfast the next day included egg beaters and homemade bread pudding, while we watched Rachel Getting Married. Good movie, though a little depressing.
Thank you Brittany for a beautiful weekend!
Well, sorry that post didn't give much in the way of creativeness, but I had to hurry. It took 10 minutes longer than I had planned. I'm now off to go for a morning run. Then I have to get ready and head out for my first day at work! Wish me luck.
P.S. What did you all do this weekend?


  1. good job planning everything! You won't be as stressed out! :)

  2. I had the best weekend! Thank you!! I hope your first day on the job goes well!!!

  3. I just tried to post a comment, but it didn't go through... :(

    What a fun weekend you had!

    I love that you did so much prep work for this week's meals! And I'll have to look into making my own granola.

    I went on a long, hilly hike this weekend. It was so much fun (but also very hot)!

  4. Thanks for the comments ladies!

    Yes, Katey, dinner was so easy tonight. I didn't get home until an hour after expected, but there it was waiting for me. :) Made my life more pleasent.

    Brittany, are you kidding me! THANK YOU. Love you soo much. *hugs*

    Andrea, My granola turned out a little too toasty. I think I need to follow a recipe next time. :( My weekend was exciting. I love hanging out with my best friends. A hike just sounds like so much fun. I haven't done that yet this summer. Next weekend though, I have one planned with my youth group. :)