Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So far. So good!

A quick post to say that so far I have kept up with my training, and I even talked my mom into running the 5k with me!

Training started out on Saturday with about 6 minutes of running and 14 minutes of walking. Sunday I did 12 minutes running and 28 minutes walking. Both of those days I just went out and ran to see what I could do. Monday I lifted weights for 40 minutes. Tuesday I ran for 10 and walked for 30. And finally today I lifted weights for 20 minutes and then rode the stationary bike for about 22 minutes.

My plan was to do yoga on my off days, but my yoga instructor got into a car accident so class has been canceled. :( I am really missing yoga.

I have been pretty tired this week and haven't felt much like getting on the computer to blog. I did a trial and error of a new recipe and I hope to share that in the next couple of days.

Question: Have you ever ran a 5k?




  1. I've never run a 5K-bad knees prevent that, but I have walked a few.

    I don't know how advanced you are with yoga, but I have a Karen Voigt yoga DVD that I like a lot. It's fairly challenging for me. Do you have any yoga DVD's that you could do until your able to get back to class?

  2. wow! what a great goal for the both of you to do together!