Tuesday, January 26, 2010

If Martha and Oprah can have favorite things...

...so can I!

So still internet-less at my new home. Just a quick post during my lunch hour to share with you some of my excitement during the last couple of days.

My favorite things about my new home:

*My new glass-top stove is so purdy! I got some of the special cleaner to make it shine. It's like staring into a lava-lamp: mesmroizing!

*Doing dishes with an overhead light and water pressure makes all the difference! At my last house I had no pressure. It was seriously like a trickle. I had to fill up the sink just to rinse off my dishes to put them into the dishwasher. Not to mention my kitchen was d-a-r-k.

*Small is not necesarily a bad thing. So some people think they have to feel sorry for me or something due to our small home. Can I share a secret with you? Having a huge home was more of a burden than a blessing. I can seriously sweep my kitchen in about 30 seconds.

I am sure I will have many more favorite things to come. :)

What are your favorite things about your home? And remember your home is where your heart is! That's a cheesy-overly used saying, but true.




  1. I am glad you have favorite things about your home! And seriously I know what you mean about the glass top. My favorite thing about my place is the color I love all the color.

  2. We live in a small house, too! And most times I don't mind either (except when all four of us are in one space, and there is literally no room to move around...). My favorite thing right now is my handhold blender. It's the best thing ever!!! I love it to make creamy soups without cream!

  3. Yay for the water pressure and new stove. As for sweeping your kitchen in 30 seconds... I'm envious, especially since I have a large kitchen with the counter space of a tiny one and white linoleum that will not stay clean!

    Enjoy your new place!