Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Is Chick Lit Hurting your Mariage?

Hi all. I have been so super busy this week, at both work and home. The house stuff is going well. We had 1/2 of our inspection yesterday. We would have had the full inspection but the power guy never came out and turned the power on. GRRRR. So we'll have it finished tomorrow. After the inspection we'll just be waiting on it to close. We're hoping to close by the end of the month.

So I can't really weigh in. :( My scale went nuts. It gave me three different weights in less than 30 seconds. Maybe I'll start weighing in on the Wii Fit.

Halloween was really good. I handed out lots of candy and had a great time. Also that week I created an amazing recipe! I'll share that later.

Finally to the question... "Is Chick Lit Hurting your Marriage?"

Find out at And read my latest published article. It should be coming out in hard copy here in the next few days or so. I am really excited, even though the editor batched it. Editors, can't live with them and can't get your articles published with out them.

The editor cut out my favorite line..."Michelle and I shot back our macchiatos like a shot of something strong." I loved that line. It is so witty and gave such a strong image of how we were both feeling. However, it is a Christian magazine and apparently Christians cant handle wit! I am a Christian and I can.!? The editor also made me take out (before she got her hands on it) that I read both a secular Chick lit book and a Christian one. I read it for educational purposes. She thought reading a secular chick lit book it "wouldn't go over well with her readers."

Oh well, I am still really excited to finally have it published and very grateful they even took it.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week.


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