Monday, June 8, 2009

How Shawnee got her Groove back

I had every intention of posting the other night, but I fear the blogging bug fluttered away for a time. Not to mention my whole routine is shot. I need to find it again.

Speaking of routines, my cleaning and exercising routines are dissolving into a state of nothingness. Ever since having two weekend mini vacations in a row, I really lost my groove. My home isn't a complete disaster, but I haven't been picking up after myself every day.

As for exercising, I think that groove danced its way out of my life a long time ago. I've only been exercising about 3 times a week lately, and that's to do my Couch to 5k running program.

*sighs* How the heck did Stella get her groove back? I never saw the movie. Any suggestions for me?

Goals for the next 5 days

For the next 5 days, my goal is to get rid of any additional water weight I have gained in the last two weeks, so I can better fit into my shorts.

I didn't want to do another full-out detox, so I opted for eating some of the detoxing foods, while still enjoying life. :P

Everyday I will have organic cereal or oatmeal with fruit for breakfast. For lunch everyday I'll be having a Sweet Spinach Smoothie. For dinner I'll be having vegetarian meals, with one serving of grains/carbs. For example, tonight I'll probably have vegetarian spaghetti with steamed broccoli and carrots.

Another one of my goals is to exercise every day leading up to Disneyland. I am trying to wake up early every morning to do it. Today, all I did was 12 minutes on the Wii, but it's more than I usually do in the mornings! I still plan to do my couch to 5k workout this evening.

Also, I have a goal of getting back into my cleaning routine, even if just for this week.

Disney Dos and Don'ts (Goals)

My goal for my upcoming Disneyland trip is to eat healthy. I am going to assume that walking around the park every day for 8+ hours is going to be exercise enough.

I usually end up gaining a couple pounds on theme park vacations. The culprit? Food! Well this year, I have planned out all my meals according to what the teenagers (we're taking our youth group) will be eating.

For example the first day of driving, I will eat cereal and fruit for breakfast. For lunch I'll have an almond butter/honey sandwich with fruit and fresh veggies. For dinner, since they're all going to be having fast food, I am just going to stick to a salad. I'll also have a granola bar for a snack.

The teens will be eating some sort of sugary cereal everyday for breakfast. So I will be having either have organic cereal or an organic pop tart, with fruit and soy milk. The teens will also be eating sandwiches every day for lunch (and sometimes dinner too). Since I am not supposed to eat lunch meat, I'll be rotating between Amy's canned raviolis, organic soup, almond butter sandwiches and tuna fish sandwiches.

One night for dinner, the kids will be eating pizza, and I'll be having a vegetarian personal pizza with no cheese. Other nights we'll be doing Subway or eating in the park. Those days I will go ahead and have a 6 inch sub and/or a chicken sandwich/salad in the park.

You should see my food schedule. It's planned out to the very last meal. I still need to go grocery shopping. :/

Tonight's Blog

Tonight I plan on sharing a couple recipes I tried/created this past week.

Have a good day everyone!

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