Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Today's like sweet Honey Sunshine

Marla, The Flylady, would tell me that I let my inner-perfectionist take over. It’s true, I have. Every single time I thought about the three reviews that I needed to type up for my blog, I would mentally block it out. I didn’t even want to log on last week to weigh in. I felt like if I did, I had to write all three reviews. So I procrastinated.

I hate procrastination. And I’m the queen of it.

Any how, I had to psych myself up to allow myself to do one review at a time. So here it is, my first review…

Kashi’s new Honey Sunshine Cereal!

I became a member of Kashi’s Taste Tester Panel, and my first “assignment” was to dig into a whole box of Honey Sunshine and take it to trial.

My verdict: DELICIOUS!

I love Kashi cereal anyway, but this variety is childhood-comfort-food good. It still has the 7 whole grains in each serving, like Kashi is famous for, but it doesn’t taste ”healthy.” It’s comforting, subtly sweet, and lays that I’M-CRAVING-SUGARY-STARCHES monster to rest.

You’ll love it, your husbands will love it and your kid’s will love it.

Let’s just say when I was finally able to find the cereal at my local grocery store and use my “free box” coupon, it only lasted in my cupboard a week.
Wednesday Weigh-In
Last weigh in: 169.8

Current weigh in:

So I’m down a little over a half a pound. I did weigh in last week, but the scale didn’t budge. Like I said, I was just too profectionisty to log on. I’m so weird.

I most likely won’t get to my 10 pounds lost by Nov. 1. But if I can at least keep going down .5 a week, it’ll be progress. I am really excited to see that I have maintained 169 for three weeks though. I haven’t went back up to the 170s, which means I am actually losing weight.

Josh and I have been getting up in the mornings and walking. I’m proud of us for that. I haven’t been keeping track of calorie consumption. I really just hate doing it. But I need to build myself a bridge and: GET OVER IT!

House News

Josh and I found a house, made an offer and they excepted it. We’re psyched! We are just praying that the inspection will be ok and that nothing funky will happen with our loan. Wish us luck!

Question: What is your favorite cereal?


  1. Good Luck! I'll be praying for you!

  2. Congrats on the weight loss and walking everyday with the hubby!!!!!!!!! :):):):):):) Keep me posted on the house stuff :) Steven and I will definitley be going to you and Josh for advice when/if we buy a house that requires a realtor in the process lol.
    My favorite cereal is hot cereal actually. Oatmeal and cream of wheat fill me up better than cold cereal. Sometimes cold cereal is like a bag of chips for me. One serving never seems like enough :| lol. KATH's blog has made me obsessed with peanut butter/banana oatmeal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!